Public Official Bonds

Proceedings of public official surety bonds arrange a variety of contacts with officials. They may volunteer to assist with political campaigns or call on public officials in their offices. The producers are required to speak to sureties well before elections. Sureties have the option to choose not to write public official bonds in a specific region if their experience has been unsatisfactory. Should the surety write a public official bond, a producer can visit with surety staff to achieve insight into the idiosyncrasies of this business in states where the bonds are necessary.

Producers who fulfill their customers’ bonding and insurance requests benefit from potent word-of-mouth advertising. The producers can tap joint friendships to achieve the attention of candidates for office or public officials and can solicit surety bonds directly from these officials. All producers serve themselves and their potential principals by proposing services in September once primary elections have concluded and the candidates are identified. The candidates gain by making early bond commitments because they can avoid additional bond solicitations.

A number of government entities acquire qualifying bonds directly from sureties and forward the commission savings to the public officials. In the majority of cases, procuring the surety bond and compensation for its cost are statutory privileges of the officeholder.