Pitfalls of Funding BMC-85 Trusts Using Letters of Credit

BMC-85 trusts can be a nice stable solution for freight brokers that are financially strong enough to be capable of parting with $75,000.  Putting up that kind of money is not an option for most.  Now that the “group bond” has been officially listed as unacceptable by the FMCSA, freight brokers are left with two options: purchase a BMC-84 surety bond  or fund a BMC-85 trust.

Funding Trusts With Letters of Credit Affects Your Credit!

Borrowing $75,000 from a bank greatly impacts your ability to borrow money in the future.  So what happens in event a new vehicle is needed or there is an emergency need for cash flow for your business.  You’ll effectively have $75,000 less to borrow than you would otherwise.  That is significant and could mean the difference between riding out a storm or closing the doors of your business some day.

Surety Bonds Do Not Affect Credit

Surety bonds are designed to not affect the credit of businesses or the personal credit of it’s owners.  Going with a bond rather than a $75,000 trust/line of credit frees up a large amount of credit!  Personal credit reports are reviewed for underwriting purposes, but even then, the credit reports pulled are what is known as a “soft credit pull”.  These soft pulls allow insurance companies to view your pay history without counting as inquiries that lower your score.
Therefore, bonds do not utilize credit you could use in an emergency and the underwriting process has no impact on personal credit when soft credit pulls are utilized.

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