Ohio Credit Union Bond

OhioIn the state of Ohio, a new law referred to as SB 247, amends existing law in relation to claims against a credit union. SB 247 states that if any depositor, individual, member, or group of persons makes a claim to any share/share account, deposit, security, property held in safekeeping, safe deposit box, obligation, or other possessions in the credit union’s ownership without the authority to exercise any right or control with respect to the property, the credit union is not obligated to recognize the claim unless there is a court order or a posted surety bond. The surety bond form and amount will be determined by the credit union; it functions to indemnify the credit union against any liabilities or loss the credit union might acquire because of its acknowledgment of the claim or because of its denial, due to the claim, to respect or recognize any entitlement to the property.