New Jersey Driving School Bond

One of the requirements for obtaining a Driving School License from The New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) is to obtain a $10,000 Surety Bond. The Motor Vehicle Commission handles the issuance of licenses that allow driving schools and their instructors to function within the state of New Jersey. This also allows those specific private driving school owners and particular instructors or agents to procure student learners permits, examination permits, schedule road tests, etc.

As in most cases there are certain requirements for obtaining a license and some of those necessary for the New Jersey Driving School License are: The business is required to have a separate agency location or a home office separated from the living accommodations with a private entrance. The business cannot be located near or outwardly show that is it officially connected with Motor Vehicle Commission. The driving school cannot be operated from a liquor store, bar, grocery store, restaurant, temporary address, etc. The school must have a trained supervising teacher who’s licensed for at least two years and has completed at least 500 hours of behind the wheel training along with a three-credit college course from a state-accredited university or college.

The school requires zoning consent from the town where the business is located, ensuring that the building will meet each of the state and local zoning ordinances which consist of building, fire and health codes and any other applicable ordinances and codes.

All driving schools must make available an explanation of services to be rendered, the fees for the school and description of information on the service agreement.
The driving school must also adhere to all conditions set forth in the sample service agreement. The service agreements must give all information contained in the state-provided sample service agreement.

The driving school students have requirements as well. Each student must meet the following requirements prior to the driving school instructors being able to proceed with the lessons: Each student must be at least 16 years of age; they must pass the vision test providing certification from the school nurse, Motor Vehicle Commission representative, owner of the driving school or eligible supervising instructor.

There are four items that must be present at the location of the business for the scheduled site investigation from the MVC. The state requires a landline telephone, an answering machine for the phone, file cabinet(s) and a safe that have the ability to be locked when unattended and dual controlled vehicle(s) that are owned or leased and registered in the name of the driving school or lessor.

For further or more detailed information please visit New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission website.