Nevada Mortgage Broker Bond Update

Nevada mortgage broker surety requirements have been changed due to a new bill. The bill is labeled AB 77 and alters the bond amount required of mortgage brokers. The previous law stated that the bond amount was calculated by the number of branches that the broker had or its yearly loan volume. The set bond amount was $50,000 plus $25,000 for each branch, but was capped at $75,000; or the bond had to be $50,000 if the broker had less than $20 million in loan volume and $75,000 if the broker’s loan volume was over $20 million. AB 77 does away with the bond amount calculation using the number of branches. It’s now calculated by loan volume only. The new legislation also terminates the option to post alternative forms of security in place of a bond and changes the state bond form to require the signature of a Nevada Licensed Insurance Agent instead of a Nevada resident agent.