Is It Safe To Purchase A Surety Bond Online?

Every day technology is making its way further into our daily lives. Internet sales are increasing globally with every passing year. Many Internet surfers are still wary of making purchases online, especially when they must divulge personal information such as social security numbers.

Often, our agency is asked if our online applications are safe; I can say with 100% certainty, yes! We make use of the industry standard VeriSign, which submits all applications in 128-bit encryption codes. The encryption is the strongest available and has never been broken. In fact, 93% of fortune 500 companies make use of the same technology.

I wish I could say that applying for a surety bond is safe with any agency. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, that it is simply not true. I have stumbled upon many bonding agency or insurance agency sites that do not take any security measures. It is not that the surety bond and insurance industries are particularly careless, you will see these trends in a variety of different businesses. I am disappointed that the insurance industry is not more careful with how personal the information they require actually is.

There are precautions any web surfer can take to ensure their own online safety. Web browsers will tell you if a site is making use of encryption with a small padlock icon at the bottom of the browser. If it is open, there is no protection at all. If it is closed they are taking measures to make your online experience more secure. Don’t be fooled though, a closed padlock does not always mean that it is secured by 128-bit encryption, as there are lesser grades of encryption being used online as well.

A social security number, personal financial information, etc. is nothing that you want falling into the wrong hands. Prior to doing any online shopping, do some research; it will save you from tremendous headaches in the future.

You can feel safe applying through JW Bond Consultants, Inc. Our online surety bond applications are always secured using 128-bit encryption.