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How To Get Licensed & Bonded

The term “licensed & bonded” is frequently used for marketing purposes in an attempt to make a company’s potential clients feel safe doing business with them. In fact, the phrase itself is all your average person knows about the surety bond industry. In this article, we will learn what it means to be licensed & bonded. More importantly, we will learn how to become licensed and bonded.

Get Bonded
What does it mean to be “licensed & bonded”?
Most people are aware what it means to be licensed. However, we should reiterate the purpose of a license. A license means that you have learned rules, regulations, and practices that the governing body requires you to be familiar with. Furthermore, it means that the licensee is capable of doing the work at hand. The license ensures you do the right thing, you passed the test and therefore you understand the difference between right and wrong and are held accountable for it. Not following the rules could result in loss of the license and possibly the ability to work in your particular industry in a specific area, a state, or even the entire country.

If a license does all of the above, you might ask yourself, why is there a need to be bonded? The license assures a client that the licensee knows the rules, but a bond guarantees that they will follow them. That’s right, in the event that the licensee breaks the rules of the said prevailing governing body, a claim can be filed against the bond to recoup losses for those negatively effected.


How do I become “licensed & bonded”?
You will have to do some legwork to find out who regulates the license you are looking to obtain. You will want to ask the licensing department what their requirements for obtain a license are to ensure you can meet all of their standards (Also see: How To Become Bonded). Some common requirements include, but are not limited to: passing a test, meeting certain financial requirements, industry experience, clean criminal records, and of course, a surety bond. I can not comment too much on licensing requirements, as they vary greatly depending on occupation and the location of where you are planning on operating. Fortunately, I can go into great detail about getting bonded! As stated above, you are going to want to make certain you can meet all of the requirements to qualify for a license. This is extremely important, as most bonding companies will not do pro-rated returns on cancellations of first year bonds. To get bonded, you will need to find a bond producer (also known as a bond agent). Just as in any profession, the level of competence varies greatly. To learn more please visit our video library to find out how to choose a bond agency.


Be sure to give our agency a chance at wowing you with our competitive rates, fast service, and expertise in the field. We are the first and only agency to date that offers true online surety bond approvals at no charge. You can apply now to obtain a 100% free quote.

What if I don’t need a bond for my license?
Some licensed professions do not require you to post a bond. Clearly this is a bad idea for public interests, as there is nothing to stop a licensee from breaking the rules, and even worse no guarantee that those effected will be compensated in any way. Many licensees ask us if we can bond them to make their clients feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, it is an impossibility, as a surety bond is a three-party agreement and some governing agency must require of you. Otherwise, the bond is not guaranteeing any specific rules and regulations…and a bond that isn’t guaranteeing anything doesn’t do any good other than providing a false sense of security. However, fidelity bonds are an option to get bonded, as they are generally not required and protect against employee dishonesty such as theft. To find out more, visit our fidelity bond catalog.



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302 Responses

  1. james e. middleton

    I have a windshield warranty company and I need to be bonded in order to protect the dealerships I do business with. Do you have any suggestions?
    Respectfully..jim middleton

  2. I want to start my own small business Crystal Clean Chandliers, Commercial & Residental. I want to get bonded before I step foot in someones home or business. What type of bond do I need?

    Thank You


  3. Chris,

    Since the government is requiring you to be bonded, you are looking for fidelity bond coverage. Fidelity bonds are not surety bonds, but a type of insurance. Fortunately for you, they are cheaper than surety bonds!

    Try doing a Google search for “CNA Surety”. You should find an application for janitorial fidelity bonds with competitive pricing!

  4. I am thinking of a small “Busy Bee” service, i.e. errands, personal assistant, and possibly small chores around the home. What does it take to get insured and bonded and how much would it cost me? Thank you.

  5. Insurance I cannot comment on, as we do not write P/C. I would suggest contacting your regular insurance agent for a quote.

    As for the bond, I am guessing this is not a government required bond, but one you would like for your clients’ peace of mind…If so, you are looking for a fidelity bond, truly an insurance product, not suretyship. You should be able to get fidelity coverage from your P/C agent. You could also go direct to a carrier (CNA) like I suggested above.

  6. I am thinking of starting a small business of organizing rooms in people’s houses. Do I need to be licensed and/or bonded?

  7. Tina,

    I would venture to guess that the government does not require you to file a license for such services. With that said, there is likely no bond requirement either.

  8. I am considering opening a foreclosure clean up and clean out company in Illinois. What kind of bond do you recommend and what is the cost.

  9. Mike,

    I am guessing the government is not requiring a bond of you. Therefore, there is no surety bond to obtain.

    You can get a janitorial fidelity bond if you’d like. It is a form of insurance not suretyship. Try doing a search for Travelers or Western Surety, they both write these bonds frequently and cheap.

  10. I am trying to start a small painting business painting homes in the state of I’ll. What is required bond or licence I just don’t want to get introuble with the law

  11. Terri,

    It seems that security based businesses often ask whether or not they need to be bonded. It only seems natural that they would, right?

    Believe it or not, there seem to be few, if any bonding requirements when it comes to security related businesses. Check with your local and state governments to be sure though!

  12. Peter Benecke

    I teach singing in my home and am wondering if I need a license and a bond. Other singing teachers don’t have these, but in these times, I think it might be a good idea to instill confidence for customers and protect all concerned. Any advice?

  13. Peter,

    It seems very common that people want to be “licensed & bonded” so their clients have better trust in working with them. However, unless the government has a license and bond requirement, then there is nothing for you to obtain.

    I would assume you don’t need to be licensed to sing, so I think you are good!

  14. I am looking to start a painting buisness. What type of bond would i need? and would i need a contractors license?

  15. im looking to start a small property management company in new york this will involve rent collection and evictions along with some contractin duties what type of bond do i need

  16. If the government is not requiring a bond of you, then you cannot obtain a surety bond, as they are 3 party agreements.

    However, you may want to look into a fidelity bond, a type of insurance. We only write fidelity bonds as a convenience for existing clients, not new ones.

    I suggest doing a Google search, you should be able to find someone to write it with relative ease…I know Western Surety writes them a lot.

  17. My husband is wanting to get his roofing license and it says that we have to be bonded and insured. The insured part, we have, we are not sure how to go about getting bonding. The big question is: Does anyone know how much it cost to get bonded? As a small business owner and with the economy being like it is, I am not sure if we can afford it if it too much. It’s tough to be small business owner in the world today!!

  18. I am thinking about starting a pressure washing business in Jacksonville, Fl. DO I need a business license and do I need to be bobded?

  19. I am interested in starting a pet sitting dog walking business/ i know i do not NEED to be license bonded and insured, but I would like to be..where do I go for this?

  20. Allie,

    As a bond agent, I hear this every day. People want to be able to say they are “bonded”, but they have no idea what they want the bond to guarantee.

    In addition, 3 parties are involved in suretyship, not two. Therefore, there must be someone requiring the bond of you (the obligee). Otherwise, you are in search of insurance.

  21. I am starting an unpacking business for people who have just moved. I’ll be unpacking their things and maybe doing some organizing. What type of bond should I get?

  22. Suzanne,

    It sounds like you are in need of insurance, not surety bonding.

    An employee dishonesty fidelity bond policy is likely a good fit. However, it will not cover you in any way, so it is pretty much useless unless you actually have employees.

  23. Hi, I want to start my own Dog walking business here in San Diego CA. I wanted to know if it is neccessary that I need to get licenced, bonded, and insured? And if I need one or all three, how would I go about on obtaining what I need?

  24. I am considering starting a small business to protect persons possessions when they are gone out of the home for a small or large amount of time either due to funeral services, vacations or just simply watching over their belongings. Due to the high volume of criminal activity. I am wanting information on being licensed and bonded in the state of Nebraska. Thanks.

  25. Lynnette,

    Is the state of Nebraska requiring a bond of you? Is there a license to obtain? These are questions you need to find the answers to first.

  26. I am interested in starting a rep. payee service for DHSH and welfare clients in Washington state. Since I will be handling other people’s money, I’m assuming a bond is a pretty good idea. Will the amount of the bond possibly be determined by the amount of money I’m handling?

  27. Cindy,

    The type of bond you are looking for is called a fidelity bond, a type of insurance. With that said, it is up to you to decide how much coverage you need.

  28. I am interested in becomin a payee for profit what type bond do I need. Any other help is appreciated as well.

    thank you, denise

  29. I am considering starting a commercial/residential cleaning service and I was wondering if I should obtain bonding.

  30. Jacoby,

    If the government is not requiring it, then there is no surety bond to obtain. You can obtain a janitorial employee dishonesty bond, a type of insurance if you deem necessary.


  31. I am a CNA looking to do some private care for potential clients in their homes. Do I need to be bonded or licensed and if so, What kind?

  32. Melinda,

    You will want to check with the government department that regulates your industry. Do they require you to be licensed? If not, there is likely no bond requirement either.

  33. I am starting a fight league in MN. I spoke with the Minnesota State Boxing and MMA Commission and they told me that I need to obtain a surety bond of $10,000. What will this cost me? I don’t even have a business yet, what do I do? Who do I talk to, I am just an hourly worker looking to make a decent living in the worlds fastest growing sport. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND!!

  34. I am looking to start a residential and commercial cleaning business in the state of florida. I have doctor’s office’s that clean be cleaned but they really would like to know i am bonded. What type of bonding do I need I don’t want the cheapest one to get around thing’s with the minimum coverage I want my client’s to feel secure in there decision as I myself would want also. what type of good bonding should i look for?

  35. my husband and I are considering openin up a repo business what type of licensing and bonding do we need?

  36. I’m lookin to start a small cleaning LLC in Louisiana with a couple of my relatives…Do I need to get licensed or bonded and if so what type should we get?

  37. I want to start my own cleaning service in Seattle, WA.
    Do I need to be licensed and bonded?
    I have seen alot of companies online that say they are licensed and bonded, is it a neccessity?

  38. Im looking into a pet services (waste removal, daily visits, walking, pen cleaning) business. Would being bonded and insured be something that would be more for client peace of mind, or legally required. Im in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

  39. I have a side business. I clean homes for investors before they go on market. I could probably expand the business and gain more clientele if I were bonded. My credit is a mess right now so based on what I read, is my approval contingent on a personal credit report? If I cant get more income than outgo I am never going to get my credit straigtened out so Im in a pickle here. I am only on site for the investor a few hours per visit and the homes are vacant and I bring my own supplies.

    1. I'm looking at starting a home cleaning business. I seem to have a lot of the same questions that you do. If you get a reply and get some time I would a appreciate it if I could hear what they have to say. My email is katy.and.ikes.daddy@gmail.com Thank you for your time and good luck.

    2. Debbie,

      Since the bond is not being required of you, surety bonding is not what you need. A two party bond is actually an insurance product referred to as a fidelity bond or employee dishonesty policy. The latter name is a bit more descriptive. Try http://www.cnasurety.com, and look for a janitorial fidelity bond.

    3. Debbie,

      Since the bond is not being required of you, surety bonding is not what you need. A two party bond is actually an insurance product referred to as a fidelity bond or employee dishonesty policy. The latter name is a bit more descriptive. Try http://www.cnasurety.com, and look for a janitorial fidelity bond.

    4. Debbie/Scott,

      Since the bond is not being required of you, surety bonding is not what you need. A two party bond is actually an insurance product referred to as a fidelity bond or employee dishonesty policy. The latter name is a bit more descriptive. Try http://www.cnasurety.com, and look for a janitorial fidelity bond.

    5. Debbie/Scott,

      Since the bond is not being required of you, surety bonding is not what you need. A two party bond is actually an insurance product referred to as a fidelity bond or employee dishonesty policy. The latter name is a bit more descriptive. Try http://www.cnasurety.com, and look for a janitorial fidelity bond.

        1. Niki,

          Is anyone requiring a bond of you? If not, you're most likely looking for a fidelity bond. We don't handle them, but many insurance companies do.

    6. Debbie,

      I'm in Virginia and also looking into ways to obtain more business. Would be grateful to learn how you into cleaning for Investors ,so that I can seek new clients.

      New in the business.Just getting started any advise would be great.
      Thanks in advance,

      1. Sandy,

        Is anyone requiring a bond of you?

        If no one is requiring a bond of you such as the state, you're most likely looking for a fidelity bond. We don't handle them, but many insurance companies do.

    7. I have operated my own cleaning business for 2 years part time. I am now expanding and trying to find out all the legalities. I have a business certificate and am insured. I've read I should be licensed and bonded, but I cannot find anything on the Massachusetts Government website about obtaining a license for a cleaning business. As I read this article, I see I need to obtain bonding from my insurance agency, but it may not be neccessary. I've been on the computer for nearly 2 hours now and cannot find out the correct information of business license for a cleaning company in Massachusetts.. HELP!!!!

    8. Jerri Jenkins

      Hi Debbie, I can help you with getting your credit back on track. I have been helping people for over 5 years now. We can get your credit restored starting in 60 to 90 days. So then you can get bonded with no problem. You can email me at jah723@yahoo.com.


  41. Hi i’m would like to start a Bill Paying Service in CA to help seniors stay on top of their bills. How do I get bonded?


  42. I’m considering to start my own security company and wanted to know how much it would cost to get licensed and bonded?

  43. I'am a convicted felon looking for work and nobody will give me the chance based on my past record, can I be bonded to protec possible employers from there worries about my felonies?

    1. Charles,

      This is a common question we get asked. Unfortunately, the bonds we write are ones required by the government. Unless they are requiring it of you, we cannot help.

      Try asking your regular P&C insurance agent.

    2. No you can not be bonded on what you have done in your past, However you can buy insurance that will bond you for futher actions you may take. Good luck on finding that insurance company they are out there.

  44. Hi
    What type of bond is needed for a Cleaning Company thats mostly cleaning commercial or post construction?

    1. Shannon,

      Unless there is bond required of you for a specific contract, then you are likely just looking for a janitorial fidelity bond. It is actually not a surety product, but a form of insurance (confusing since they both have bond in their name).


      1. Hi Karen,
        I'am new just getting started in my cleaning business. Thanks fr hat info. on Surety Bond. Beside that is there anyhing else I'm in need of? Applied for my EIN tax number, going to register my name with the state of FL. Any thing else you cna share to help me out would be apperciated, where are you located?


  45. This is a basic question but I cant find the answer anywhere. For a California Wholesale Dealer Bond of $10,000, i am qutoed 100-300 for standard and more for high risk. Is this per month or year or one time purchase, or what?!


  47. I am starting a small tax preparer business and want to be licensed and bonded. What do I need? I am in Arkansas.

      1. being bonded isn't required, but it defiantly looks good! and helps in reassuring potential clientele. by the way, how did starting your own pet sitting business go? any tips, I'm doing the same but am in middle TN.

    1. thereserenehan

      I am interested in how your business is going? I live in NJ at the beach and am hoping to start a pet sitting business myself, do you have any hints? By the way did you become bonded?

  48. I want to start doing some private, non-medical home health care. Do I need to be licensed and bonded?



  49. HI, I sell bikes online, and would like to open a shop in San Francisco, what bond do I need and how much would it cost me?

  50. I have been doing some design work on the side for Audio Visual installations. Do I need to be licensed or bonded?

    1. Unless you d a specific contract that requires a performance bond, there are likely no requirements for your line of work. However, it is always a good idea to ensure that is the case where you live.

  51. my fiancee just got licensed for his own painting business should he get bonded and if hes the only one working for himself at the moment should he still get insured im in florida

  52. If he already filed the license and they didn't require a surety bond then there is no bond to obtain.

    However, I would think anyone in business for themselves should have adequate insurance. Try contacting a local P&C insurance agent for assistance.

  53. I am looking to start a private caregiver service…I will be in the home of clients at any time even up to 24hrs if needed. I want to know If I should be boned and if so..which type should I apply for? My Appreciation in Advance,

    1. Kim,

      It is not a question of whether you should be bonded, it is a question of whether you are required by law to be bonded. Do you deal with medicare at all?

  54. I would like to start a pet sitting business in London Ontario. I would be staying at my clients homes. Do I need to be bonded?

    1. You should get bonded…. that way if someone happens, like they accuse you of stealing or there's damage, you are covered.

  55. My boyfriend used to have a Privet investigations business, he recently was arrested and convicted (first offence) of a class 3 felony in Iowa. Can he still obtain a bond and continue working as a PI?

  56. I am looking to find out approximate cost on getting bonded for an amount of 1.5 million. can anyone help me with this or offer some advice.

  57. I'm looking to start my own medical billing business from home. Do I need to be bonded and insured? And what type of bond do I apply for?

  58. Robert,

    Check with the local municipalities to see if there is a license requirement. If there is, see if there is a bond requirement as well.

    Regardless of whether there is a license and or bond requirement, you will likely want to discuss your insurance needs with a P&C agent.

  59. i live in the state of texas, im looking to start a wrecker/recovery business, what kind of bonds will i need for that? the business will be towing wrecked vehicles, also repos ect. any one have any ideas on the laws about repos? state or fed. i need all the info i can get before i invest in this, thanks

  60. I am interested in doing foreclosure clean-ups. I have heard that I need to be licensed and bonded. I live in Texas. What is required and what will the cost be? And do I need to be insured?

  61. There are two business ideas I would like to start. I am not able to pass background checks for most companies so I would like to start my own business. One is the business of cleaning homes/apartments before they go on the market. The other is a security business. Would I be able to get bonded for these types of businesses if I am convicted felon?

    1. I don't know about other states but in Florida as a convicted Felon and to have any type of security business you have to be able to pass a background check and be licensed in the state through the division of licensing(which felons cannot pass or get licensed from my experience) Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that's only on the security end; not sure about the other ?. Hope that helps

  62. I am starting a floor care stripping,waxing,an buffing business an would like to know how can i get licenced,bonded,an insured. i live in ohio

  63. I am looking into starting my own Personal Care and Homemaking business in California. Can I still get bonded if my Drivers Lic is suspended? And if I am the only one working is it necessary to get Bonded? Please advise, thanks.

  64. Taz,

    Your drivers license will have no impact on your ability to obtain bonds. However, you first need to find out of the government requires a bond of you.

  65. Does a dog walker/pet sitter need to be licensed or bonded in Wisconsin? And if so, how do we obtain that? Thanks

  66. I want to be a bail bondsman/bounty hunter and have to get licensed and bonded, the Buf is 50,000 how much will I have to put down? Can I pay the rest in installments?

  67. As far as the money goes, if you are talking about the premium charge, that is the cost of the bond and will not be returned. If you posted cash collateral, then those funds could be returned after the three year time limit

  68. my husband is pretty much running his own painting buisness at the moment … he has customers but im sure there would be alot more if he was licensed and bonded ??we have no idea where to start ?? we are in washington ..help???

  69. I live in Texas. I am interested in starting a cleaning business. I would consider working at both residential and small commercial. Is it necessary to be bonded or would insurance be enough?

  70. I live in Texas and am interested in starting a cleaning service for both residential and small commerical businesses. No employees – just me. Would I need to be bonded?

  71. I recently started a home cleaning business, and I am in the process of forming the company, if I were licensed and bonded, i can market to a much much larger client base. I am in New York, I clean residential homes that are occupied, what do I do to get bonded for this type of business in NY? Like, what type of bond, etc. I want to also branch out into business cleaning. Thank you for your time.

  72. I am sorry but i am still confused. I want to start a remodeling buisness. Is it just me or can nobody do anything without paying the goverment more money. I just want to work and if people can not trust you off first impressions, maby we need to re think how we all do buisness. Let your potential customers ask for references. Word of mouth is your best resourse.Help me understand?


  74. i've been looking online for average prices as well so far the going rate for middle TN is 16 to 20 per hour/visit. It also depends on the neighborhood and competition. I would personally say ask for not less than 9 per half hour.

  75. I want to start a grocery delivery service in Arkansas, basically grocery shopping for clients then delivery of the groceries to their homes, do I need to be licensed and bonded?
    Thank you

  76. I want to start my own prisoner extradition company-I can pass any background/ 4 yrs. law enforcement experience and state certified. Where do I start? I'm in Florida…I have no clue as to what licenses, bonds, or certifications I need and I keep getting thrown around to many different people when I call places. PLEASE HELP!!!

  77. I would like to start a home interior painting business in VA/NC. Not sure if I need to be licensed or bonded? I am the only painter ~

  78. hi i am looking into possibly starting up a small appliance delivery and install business. i would like to know if i would have to licensed and bonded in Phoenix AZ and surronding areas.

    1. Tyree,

      Not that I know of, but there are literally thousands of bond requirements out there and new ones created all of the time. Therefore, it is best to check whether you are required to be licensed and bonded with the local and state governments.

  79. I am trying to start my own repo company, do I have to be be bonded .I am going for my license next month.

  80. I am starting my own catering business how do I get licensed and do i need to be bopnded? I noticed in my research for catering most of the businesses in my area (Georgia) are both licensed and bonded

    1. Shinette,

      The businesses that are licensed and bonded are required to be by law. Usually they are businesses like mortgage brokers, auto dealers, etc.

      I have never heard of a government requirement for catering businesses.

  81. My husband is starting his own hvac business and the lisence says he needs to be bonded, but it doesn't say what amount he has to be bonded for. In lieu of bonding, you can put up $12,500. Would that be the amount he would need to be bonded for?

  82. In Florida, if a company has access to clients personal information, does the company need to be licenced and bonded or just any person who has access to the data?

  83. Hello. I live in Florida and want to start a pet walking service. Do I need to be bonded for this and how do I do this?

  84. Hi I am starting a towing / repo recovery business and I was wondering if I need to be bonded. I am looking to see just to cover myself and my personal property. Being that I’m dealing with taking peoples property I want to know if I need to be bonded and licensed and what kind I would need to do this. And about how much it would cost. I live in ny by the way

  85. I am starting a cleanin business as well. I would like do do commercial industrial and residential do I need to be bonded n what type of bond would be best for me. Who do I contact for that bond information n how much will it cost me.

  86. My boss wants me to start making deposit runs to the bank for his two laundry mats do I need to be licensed And or bonded? If so how mutch would it cost.this is a new position just created.I would empty vending machines and change machines and then take the money straight to the bank for deposit.

  87. I would like to start a rural housecleaning business..do I need to be licensed and bonded. I am in Kansas
    Thank you in adance


  89. Hi,
    I am a self employed house cleaner looking to expand to do other house services such as meal prep and garden care. I also plan to hire employees. Does New York state require that I am licensed or bonded? If it is not required would it be helpful?

  90. My husband would like to start a small courier business while I am in nursing school. Does he need to be bonded for delivering small packages within the local area, with our personal vehicle, or would our liability insurance on the car with enhanced property coverage work for that? Thanks. Kate B.

  91. I am trying to start a tree removal and stump grinding business and was curious as to how much getting bonded will be costing me.

  92. My husband & I are thinking of starting a packing business for people who are moving. We are not doing actual moves, only packing up their household belongings. Do I need to be bonded in Florida?

    1. Lynn,

      I've never heard of such a requirement. However, it is always a good idea to check with the department that regulates your industry to see if a bond is required. If I had to guess, no such government department exists in this case so there can't be a bond requirement.

  93. patricia holley

    IO would like to start a security business with a trained k9 . would i have be lienced and bonded in alabama

  94. Stephanie Kuiken

    My cousin and I are planning on going into business together. We plan on doing pet care and walking, housecleaning and painting. Mainly, we will be hands for hire. From earlier replies, you gave information about a Janitorial Fidelity Bond. Would it be able to cover both of us or do we each have to get one? Plus, would that be enough to cover all the other items we plan on doing?

  95. I am looking to start my own residential/commercial/furclosed cleaning buisness. How do i go about and get started in getting licensed,insured and bonded? Also im having difficulties finding how much everything would costs to get started. Please advise if you know. Thanks.

  96. I am looking to start my own home management company. I would be looking after clients homes while they are out of town. I was wondering what kind of licensing/bonding I would need for a company like this?

  97. i am starting a business as a mobile mechanic in Washington state. Do I need to be bonded and insured? And what type of bond do I apply for?

  98. i would like to start a security and recovery busness do i need to b bonded and what kind if so?

  99. My friend and I want to start a picture and party business that would include our horses. We would use them to do pony rides and to take pictures with the guest. What, if any, type of license and bonding is available for this type of business. We live in Louisiana.

  100. Mario Arzamendi

    I will sell products in Mexico and asked me I need a performance bond, do you know if I can get one here in US

  101. Im thinking of cleaning houses in OH. Do I need to have a business lic.? Can I just get ins. or a bond with out the business cert.? I dont want to label it as a business. I just want some extra money on the side, nothing full time. I know it would be better for the clients to know that im ins/bonded.

    1. Leia,

      You should be able to to do these services without a license or bond. Typically janitorial services only require a bond for large contracts, not on a licensee basis.

  102. I'm starting a AZ foreclosure cleaning and repair business. Do I need to be Licensed and bonded??

    1. Shelley,

      I don't think there will be any licensing or bond requirement for the custodial services, but if you are doing repairs, it is possible you will need the Arizona Contractor License Bond. Check with the obligee to see if you fall under the requirement:

      The Registrar of Contractors
      3838 N. Central Ave., Suite 400
      Phoenix, AZ 85012

  103. I am starting a roofing and siding business in iowa and missouri they say there is no license required but what about the bonding.

  104. Pingback: Janitorial Service

  105. I am very interested in hearing from anyone who can give me some good advice on starting up my own pet sitting in owners homes, plz email me pwall2281@gmail

  106. Is there a MINIMUM credit score one must have in order to be bonded as an Apartment Manager in California?

  107. I am curious, I had a terrible time 23 years ago with drugs and alcohol, Theft, Burglary, Assult, between the ages of 17-20. Since then, nothing, not even a hint of a problem, even held a professional Real Estate Brokers license in another state. Would I have a problem being bonded?

    1. Phil,

      It depends what type of bond. Surety bond applications don't typically ask anything regarding criminal past. However, fidelity bond applications do.

      I can help you determine what type of bond you need if you provide me more information on who is requiring the bond and what it is for.

  108. First,I’m from MN. I have been helping families sell off the contents of their homes…..such as an estate sale/tag sale…when they downsize or pass away.

    I have my own business buying and selling antiques, and now offer this as a service.

    Do I need to become licensed and bonded?

    I see some companies providing similar are and are not.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    1. Marie,

      I believe there are a small handful of local and state governments that require surety bonds of eBay sellers. You may fall into this category so it is a good idea to check with whatever government department regulates your industry. If there is none, then I think it is safe to assume there is no bond requirement in your area.

  109. I am thinking of starting a small painting business in Indiana. What are the requirements in my state on license and bonding?

  110. I am in the state of indiana. I have a felony. My husband and i are starting a rental company where we want to b bonded. Can I get bonded? and if not if he gets bonded will I have to support the bond?

  111. I want to start a moving company do i need to be bonded in the state of arkansas? or will insurance be enough?

  112. I have a felony conviction from 1988. I have worked in numerous positions for long periods of time and have no incidents since this stupidity of my youth at 20 years old. My credit score is exemplary I am even an elected official and have received my gun rights back in Oregon. I am looking at the possibility of becoming an insurance agent- will anyone bond me? Has it been long enough? Im willing to submit to any process but I dont know what the rules are- where can I go to find out state rules or do you know?

  113. I am looking to get bonded in the State of Oregon for my Machinary and Equipment Servicing business… I have a criminal record in the last 10 yrs to include DUI and a Drug Delivery Conviction.. Is this possible ? What can I expect to have to do to make this happen…

  114. I want to open a foreclosure clean up business in California. The banks are asking that I am both bonded and insured. This is my first business so I'm figuring everything out myself, do i need a surety bond or a fidelity bond, or the janitorial insurance that you spoke of earlier? I have a prior felony on my record does that prevent me from being bonded?

    1. Daniel,

      You will want a fidelity bond. The janitorial services bond from CNA is a type of fielity bond. You can apply with CNA, but your prior felony may make it s you do not qualify. I am not sure, as I haven't written fidelity in years.

      Best of luck!

  115. If I want to offer a service to banks/realtors to do minor repairs (mostly landscape and outside repairs) on foreclosed homes in California to keep them at "move in" condidtion what license and bonds do I need?

    1. Steve,

      I am guessing there is no license to obtain to do such work. However, you will want to check with local and state governments first prior to begining operations.

      As for the bond, I don't see any California surety bond requirement for that line of work. Therefore, you would just want to contact your regular insurance agent to discuss P&C issues.

  116. I would like to start a dog walking or pet sitting occupation. Do I need to get bonded and/or insured?

  117. Im thinking about starting a dog walking business, but I don't know who to go about getting bonded. I've heard, although I'm not sure if it's true or not, that they base it on your credit report? Is that true?

    1. Kate,

      Surety bonds are a hybrid product of insurance and credit. Therefore, an applicant's credit report is often part of the underwriting process.

      However, surety bonds are a 3 party agreement…one of the three is the party requiring the bond. Since no one is requiring the bond, you can't get a surety bond.

      You CAN get properly insured, but a surety bond is not what you need. Call your local Property & Casualty insurance agent for information.

  118. I am doing property cleanups in wa state how do i go about getting bonded? A man said he would hire me if licensed and bonded? Please help

  119. David Sassounian

    Hi I started a furniture delivery service with 2 part time employees. What kind of bond is best for me? Thank you.

  120. I am looking at getting my license to do basic lawn care and seasonal services, including snow removal here in WA. Is this something I need to be bonded for? If so who do I go through? Thanks

    1. Most custodial services do not need to post a surety bond. The only times you would have to would be a contract bond for the government or a large private entity.

      You could look into getting afidelity bond if you wanted insurance. CNA Surety sells janitorial bonds to the public directly for cheap.

  121. My brother and I work in construction. We would like to get licensed and insured in the state of Florida but we don't know exactly where to start. Doing preliminary research on what is needed.

    1. Edwin,

      Here is the list of surety bonds required by the state of Florida.

      Looking at the list, there are several contractor license bond requirements, depending on your location.

      There are state required bonds listed as a Florida $100K contractor license bond and a $10K Florida contracotr license bond. There are also some local requirements in Palm Beach County and Hillsborough County.

      Take a look at the links above and contact the appropriate government departments to see if your line of work falls under the requirement.

      Let us know if you have further questions!

  122. I need a surety bond for freight brokering, credit is not that great. Should i take some time to fix my credit or can i get a surety bond with money down?

    1. Damaar,

      You stumbled upon the right blog! Our agency is in the only in the country in today's market with the ability to write freight broker bonds for clients with credit flaws, without collateral! Any other agencies you apply with will either broker it to us, tell you they can't help, or require a lot of collateral (perhaps 100%).

      You can get approved instantly online and pay by credit card. The process only takes about 5 minutes.

  123. im looking to start a currency transport and security service in nebraska. what, if any bonds would i need? rj

  124. I am a convicted felon and would like to start my own cleaning business. I would like to know how could I go about getting licensed and bonded. Please contact me with further information. My city and state is Minneapolis MN

    1. Darryl,

      I'm assuming that you are mistaken and there is no actual license to file for, nor a bond requirement. With that said, you likely just need insurance coverage via a fidelity janitorial bond. You can try <a href="http://www.cnasurety.com” target=”_blank”>www.cnasurety.com for this, but the prior felony may prevent you from obtaining an approval.

  125. Hi my hubby is in the preparation stages of a mobile auto services and repair business. What would you reccomend as far as the "license and bonded" process is concerned.

  126. I’m. Trying to start up a welding and Fab service up in my home town wat kind of license and bond do i need in Mississippi

  127. I am looking to start a new bussinsess moving stuff for people. Mainly on the west coast, possible coast to coast. what type of bond do i need?

  128. BusinessProfessional

    I have a commercial and home remodleing business. I am licensed and looking to become bonded and insured so that I may do more work through the insurance companies of my clients. Is there a specific type of bond I need to purchase for this? Confused and want to make sure I make the right decision. Thank you for your help.

    1. It sounds like there is no requirement of a bond to be posted along with the license since you already have the license. A bond COULD be written on a per contract basis, but bonding companies won't be interested in writing small private jobs. They typically only have interest in public work and large private contracts.

  129. I want to start my own window cleaning business both comercial and residental, what kind of bond will I need?

  130. Im looking to start up a bouncer/jumphouse and treats(cotton candy,snowcones,etc) business in the next few months in Florida.I want to be licensed,insured and bonded. Florida is known as the SUE ME state, therefore I want all proper insurance etc. Where can I get or begin to look for this without having to hire a lawyer? Starting up a business finances low,but want to be insured,legal and right. Please and Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer me some type of assistance in this matter.

  131. I have my licensed to clean but want to be bonded to get clients work under a company now want to start trying to get my very own contract tell me how to do it.

  132. T, I am in need of a assurity bond to collect on a insurance settlement for my mino child where can i got obtain this bond

    1. Nancy,

      You likely are not required to post a bond. However, you'll want to first start by checking surety bond requirements of states you plan on operating in.

      If you aren't required to obtain a surety bond, you're most likely looking for a fidelity bond which we don't handle.

    1. Danny,

      I don't see any bond requirements in the state of Florida for that. You are most likely looking for a fidelity bond (more of an insurance product) which we don't handle.

      You should be able to take care of that at a local insurance agency.

  133. I want to start a cleaning business a small one just to earn some extra money. Just wondering if I am doing it outta my home do I still need to be bonded and have a business lisence? I am just doing it as a side job to make some extra money.

  134. Your best bet is to check with the state you'll be operating in.

    You're most likely looking for a fidelity bond which is more of a type of insurance; unfortunately we don't handle them. Check with a local insurance agency.

  135. I want to start a small land services company in the oil and gas industry, obtaining leases and buying and selling mineral rights, would I need a Brokers Bond ?

  136. Im working on starting a hvac/r small company ,and was wondering if I needed to get bonded and what type?(residential)

  137. Hi there. I have been hired to do a security gig pending on my being bonded. I am a Michigan Resident, and am not so sure what the steps to take are. I also plan on asking my Secretary Of State Office, but any advice you can give would also be considered… Thanks for your time! JDH

  138. JDH,

    I don't know of any Michigan bond requirements for work like that. Asking the Secretary of State Office is a great idea, the state will tell you exactly what type of bond you need.

  139. Ella,
    I am looking into starting my own Personal Care and Homemaking business in Florida. Can I still get bonded if I'm a unlicensed caregiver? And if I am the only one working is it necessary to get Bonded? Please advise, thanks.

  140. Ella,

    You'll want to contact the state of Florida to determine if you need to be bonded at all or if you must be licensed first in order to obtain a bond.

  141. I run a business but was unaware of "licensed and bonded". when i approached companies for business i never saw their license and never signed any bond, but hereafter i ll surely chk both.

  142. cheetahriders

    I am a trained in home caregiver…I worked for an agency, then recently was hired privately to be a live in 24/7 caregiver. My job consisted of total care for my client…cooking,cleaning,shopping,taking to doctors appointments,dispensing his meds..etc.. My client is now in the last stage of life and I have Hospice.. I am giving meds every hour on the hour until the end. I would like to continue with what I am doing, however not being a live in, just have 3/4 clients who need some daily help. Do I need to be bonded and licensed? How do I start my own private busniess?

    1. It depends with where you are operating. Check with your state to see if they require a bond for home health care.

      If not, you just need a fidelity bond which you can get at a local insurance agency.

  143. I have a photography group of 10 and growing we do lots of corporate marketing should i get bondee to show how seriouse i am about what i do and to help potentual clients feel comfortable doing business with me?

  144. What is the cost to be licensed and bonded for a small business through the state of Md?

  145. i have a small mowing buisness and its growing how and were do i get bonded and insured so i can get more customers please help

    1. Brandon,

      If the state is not requiring a bond, you need a fidelity bond.

      We don't handle them, but you can obtain that at a local insurance agency.

  146. I currently work for a housekeeping company in SC and am considering branching off and pursuing my own clientele. I have worked with this company for over a year now. Can somebody brief me on what steps to take to get licensed and bonded in SC?

  147. Do I need to be bonded if i plan on starting a private personal sercurity firm where everyone, at some point, will be carrying a sidearm.

    1. Don,

      Possibly, but only if your state requires a surety bond. Check with your state to be certain.

      If there is not bond requirement, a fidelity bond can be obtained for your clients peace of mind. We don't handle fidelity bonds so please contact an insurance agency for that.

  148. I have a general builders license in oregon. I am thinking about moving to Hawaii. Can I use my bond and business ins I have paid for ,with still a year and half left,for a business license in Hawaii? Or do I have to pay again?

    1. Sandy,

      Yes, you would need another surety bond, as Hawaii requires a contractor license bond. You will need a new surety bond for every state you operate in that has a bond requirement in place.

      I can't offer information on insurance other than fidelity bonds. Do you have fidelity bonds in place to protect your business?

  149. Shaunn,

    If you're employer has a fidelity bond, which is where the term "bonded & insured" usually stems from, it is in place to protect their business or clients from employee dishonesty; which does not translate to you being bonded. However, it is best to determine this type of information with your employer directly.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  150. I am a plasterer in Chicago I have a small side job company. I am ready to make the next step what type of license do I need. do I need to get bonded as well? how much does that cost?

    1. Jeff,

      Since surety bond requirements vary drastically by each state, you'll want to contact the state directly to determine if you need a license for your line of work, and whether you need a surety bond to operate legally.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  151. I would like to buy a cleaning franchise with a felony ag robbery record 18 to 20 year’s ago! I’ve been turned down by a lot of co. Is there any hope for me in Janitorial business.

  152. I am interested in starting a personal shopper business for individuals that are shut-in and unable to get out on their own. What kind of bond and insurance would I need for this type of business? I live in Kentucky.

  153. I am interested in obtaining a NC electrical license and one of the requirements to do so is that a form be filled out by a bonding company stating whether or not the applicant is bondable in excess of a certain amount (determines classification of license) in my case I would be seeking bond in excess of 110,000. What are the criteria used to assess my ability to actually be bonded to perform a job of that size? I am really not following the reasoning given the many ways that contractual financial security can be obtained/guaranteed, and what the statement that an individual is "bondable" is based on????

    1. Hey Bill,

      This could be referring to contract bonds or license bonds, which are very different from each other. Can you please provide a copy of the bond form you need executed? That will tell us exactly what you need.

  154. I'm in the process of becoming a car salesman and need to be insured and bonded but I am a felon for 3rd degree burglary, will I have issues?


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