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How To Become Bonded

Today we are going to get back to the basics of bonding. We will go over what it means to be bonded and more importantly how to become bonded. We have gone over everything you need to know about surety bonding in previous articles. Therefore, we will highlight these standout articles rather than try to reinvent the wheel.

What Is A Surety Bond? – Learn what a surety bond actually is. You may be surprised to find out that they do not protect you whatsoever, but are a guarantee that is a form of credit.

How To Qualify For A Surety Bond – Not everyone qualifies to be bonded. Learn what you can do to ensure you are “bondable”. Reading this article will not only ensure that you get bonded, but also that you get the best possible rate!

Surety Companies: How To Choose The Best One For You – Bonding companies can vary on rates and underwriting practices. Find out what differences there are and how to go about finding the right carrier for your needs.


The process of becoming bonded is pretty striaghtforward:

1. Find out bond requirements
2. Apply for a bond online
3. Get approved
4. Sign indemnity agreement
5. Pay premium
6. Sign bond and send to obligee

If you read all of the articles above you will be well on your way to knowing what you need to do to become bonded. You can also use our insurance bond guide to make sure you obtain the right bond insurance.

When you are ready, you can apply for the bond type you need.

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37 Responses

  1. Our company is considering offering Independent Trustee services to family trusts. what sort of Bonding is available for such fiduciary duties. thank you

  2. I am pretty sure I was bonded ten or so years ago and I need to be for a new job. How can I find out if I am or do I need to do it again?

  3. Is it necessary to be bonded if you are the designated person to take the church offerings to the bank each week?

    1. A bond guarantees something, in your example it would likely guarantee that the company follows the rules of a government that issued them a license to operate. If they don't comply the bond can pay victims that had financial impact.

      A certification is simply a degree on specific education and provides the consumer no protection.

  4. Do I need to be Bonded for a Commercial Cleaning Business? If so what type of Bond would I need? I am in Washington State.

  5. Donna in Spokane

    I am applying for a paymaster position and they asked if I was bonded. Everything I'm reading here seems to apply to the Company's creditability , not mine. Can anyone offer me any clarification please? … Would I be looking at a Momey Tranmitter Bond or a Wage & Welfare Bond? Thank you in Advance!

    1. Donna,

      You are not a money transmitter and I'm assuming you do not pay union dues that need to be guaranteed. Therefore, neither of those bond types would apply to you.

      Is the government requiring a bond of you? Please provide some more info so I can assist.

  6. My sister and I started a cleaning business in Michigan. We are licensed through our county but was wondering if we need to be bonded too. Thank you!

    1. Anne,

      It depends on the state you'll be operating in.

      If no one is requiring a bond of you, you're most likely looking for a fidelity bond which we don't handle; you can take care of that at a local insurance agency.

  7. I am in Georgia and am strating my own moving company!What type of bond do I need to do so.

  8. I own a KArate School in Missouri and I am starting an After School program – do I need to be bonded?

  9. Do you need to be bonded in the state of Pennsylvania to start a commercial cleaning business?

    1. Sharon,

      Most likely not. If you're looking to ease your client's minds when working on their property, you're in need of a fidelity bond which you can obtain at a local insurance agency.

  10. I want to start a personal shopper/home watch business in Florida. Do I need to be licensed and/or bonded?

  11. Want to know if I needed to be bonded for pressure washing houses an if so how much will it cost in state of North Carolina

  12. Reggie,

    I'm not aware of any bond like that for your state. You most likely need a fidelity bond which we don't handle. Contact a local insurance agency for that.

  13. My husband got a new jjob being a personal asst. for a president of a company and they want him to get bonded? What type of bond is that?How does he get it?


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