Bright future for American truckers and freight brokers

Trucking is a $790 billion industry. From JW Surety Bonds’ new infographic Bright future for American truckers and freight brokers offers a great digest of statistics from the trucking and freight brokerage industries. The general trend shows that indeed, there are solid reasons for truckers and freight brokers to feel hopeful. With a large percentage of all U.S. goods being transported by trucks, it is no wonder that truckers make almost twice the average American yearly salary. With the trucking industry steadily growing and consistently moving a large part of U.S. freight, freight brokers choose trucking as their mode of transportation ever more often. Additionally, the overall freight revenue growth is expected to skyrocket in 2014. Combined with the 35% decrease in competition due to the new bond rules, the conditions are ripe for budding freight brokers to make their way in the industry.


JW-Surety-Bonds-Infographic [sc:JWIfographicShareBox]