FMCSA Sends Out Revocation of Authority Letters To Freight Brokers


Freight brokers throughout the country are beginning to receive “Revocation of Authority” letters from the FMCSA.  There is no need to panic, as this is all part of the process of phasing out the $10,000 bond requirement.  However, it is urgent that freight brokers determine their plan to fulfill the new $75,000 requirement.

Wait & Risk Running Out of Options

Last week, we posted about how you do not have 60 days from October 1st to purchase a bond as many have been reporting.  Therefore, the window of opportunity to purchase a bond is closing quickly.

It may be possible to obtain a BMC-85 trust at a later date, but trusts come with pitfalls that affect your credit or require you to post $75,000 in cash.  The former is risky in the event you need to obtain loans in the future and the former is difficult for most to afford.

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