Connecticut Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Bond

ConnecticutThe new Connecticut amendment HB 5113, effective January 1, 2009, says that PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) need a working capital of at least $150,000 or they need to provide a surety bond, a letter of credit, or securities with a market value of $150,000. The surety bond is to ensure that the PEO will pay the taxes, wages, benefits, or entitlements if the PEO does not pay on time. If positive working capital is not shown on the PEO’s financial statements, then the bond must be for $100,000 plus an amount sufficient to cover the deficit of the working capital. The law also states that a covered employee is not an employee of the PEO for purposes of general liability insurance, surety bonds, fidelity bonds, employer’s liability, or employer’s liability insurance. Other states have used these provisions in the past few sessions as well.