Car Recalls in the USA [Infographic]

2014 has been a real roller coaster ride for car manufacturers in the U. S. While lingering effects of the global recession are still felt today, car sales advanced 4% in the first half of 2014! But, as you’ll learn from JW Surety Bond’s new infographic “Car Recalls in the U.S.”, this year has still been a struggle for many car manufacturers.


Even though 2014 is not nearly over, there have already been more cars recalled than in 2013. As of July, over 41 million vehicles have been called back due to manufacturing errors. Auto dealers should keep track of the unfortunate developments as they may greatly affect their business.

The infographic shows that so far, GM is the brand leading this year’s scoreboard, accounting for one fourth of all recalled vehicles in the U.S. Their 8.4 million vehicle ignition lock recall from February ranks as the 2nd largest recall in history! Ford still remains the champion in this unpleasant competition with their cruise-control switch spontaneous combustion in 2009, when over 14 million cars were taken back for repairs.

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