AGC's 95th Annual Convention Addresses Two Issues for Contractors

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) held their 95th annual conference (March 4 – 8) in Las Vegas and gathered close to 2,800 attendees. While the general mood of the convention was optimistic, the Association addressed two serious issues for contractors: the lack of skilled workers and the declining infrastructure funds.

According to Ken Simonson, AGC’s chief economist, worker shortages in some regions have grown drastically, reaching “up to 49% below critical levels in some regions.” The issue is expected to get worse with forecast of 4% to 8% growth in the non-residential sector.

As for transportation funding, AGC has launched the “Hardhats for Highways” coalition. Its purpose will be to urge “employees of transportation contractors to contact congressional representatives directly about the number of local jobs that depend on federal transportation funding.”

Another news worth mentioning is the launch of a new health insurance exchange program, aimed to help AGC’s member to reduce premium costs.

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Unexpected ways to build loyalty as an auto dealer

zombieite / Foter / CC BY


Jewel Lee Kenley was a piano teacher, but became an auto dealer after she had to take over the business of her deceased husband. Ever since, she has been looking for new ways to run the dealership.

Throughout the years, she has become an expert in building enduring relationships with customers, as well as with staff. Some of the customers have bought more than 30 vehicles from her dealership, which is a telling number.

How did she manage this? She calls almost everybody who has bought a car from her to thank them within two weeks after the purchase. She also asks if they are happy with it and if they are experiencing any problems.

Naturally, such an approach is time consuming, but is building strong relationships with customers. It’s all about the close contact and personal touch.

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