Monthly Archives: March 2012

North Dakota Temporary Work Camp Bond

A new surety requirement was put in to place concerning temporary work camps in North Dakota. The new law is named SB 2361 and requires a surety bond for temporary[...]

North Dakota Money Broker Bond Update

The State of North Dakota has enacted a new bill which changes the surety bond requirement for money brokers. The new bill, which is named SB 2124, modifies the bond[...]

Want To Run Games Of Chance In New Hampshire? You Need A Surety Bond

New Hampshire legislators have made some changes to the surety law concerning gaming operators operating games of chance. The new law is named HB 348 and boosts the maximum required[...]

Nevada Wedding Chapel Bond

Wedding chapels in Nevada can now issue marriage licenses thanks to surety bonds. A new bill titled SB 381 allows counties with less than a 100,000 populace to authorize commercial[...]

Connecticut Vehicle Operator Bond Update

The state of Connecticut has put forth new legislation concerning vehicle operators. The new law is named HB 6581 and removes the surety bond required of vehicle operators attempting to[...]