Monthly Archives: February 2012

Utah Guest Worker Permit Bond

Utah State has enacted a new bill concerning guest worker programs. The new bill, which is named HB 116, creates a guest worker program relating to a revamp of Utah’s[...]

Do Texas Vehicle Inspectors Need Surety Bonds?

Vehicle inspectors in the state of Texas are affected by new legislation that was recently enacted. The new law is titled SB 197 and requires vehicle inspectors to obtain a[...]

North Dakota Collection Agency Bond Update

North Dakota collection agencies have new requirements to meet in order to stay legal with the state. A new bill, which is named HB 1080, adds a net worth requirement[...]

New Hampshire Auto Dealer Bond

Auto dealer bonds now protect the broader public in New Hampshire thanks to new legislation. The new law is named SB 156 and adds extra protection to the bond that’s[...]

Nevada Automobile Wrecker Bond

The state of Nevada has enacted a new law relating to automobile wreckers. The new law is titled AB 204 and states that an automobile wrecker can utilize the new[...]