Monthly Archives: January 2012

Texas Debt Management Service Provider Bond

Texas debt management service providers must follow new surety legislation. The new law is titled SB 141 and requires debt management service providers to obtain a surety bond in a[...]

South Dakota Grain Warehouseman Bond Update

South Dakota enacted a new bill concerning grain warehouseman. The new bill is named HB 1016 and declares that claims can only be made against a grain warehouseman or grain[...]

Surety World Still Urging Improvements To Government Bond Programs

In many cases small businesses and federal construction jobs mix like water and oil; they avoid each other. The government seems to gravitate to larger contractors as they have relative[...]

Rhode Island Surplus Line Broker Bond

Surplus line brokers are affected by revised surety law in Rhode Island. The new law is named SB 758/HB 5953 and modifies the surety bond requirements for surplus line brokers[...]

Oregon Motor Carrier Bond Update

The State of Oregon enacted a new bill affecting motor carriers. The new law is titled SB 259 and states that provisions in motor carrier transportation contracts requiring party or[...]

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Bond

New surety legislation provides an option for employers in Oklahoma State. The new law is named SB 878 and allows employers to act as self-insurers. Employers that choose to self-insure[...]