Monthly Archives: September 2011

Green Surety Bonds: Guaranteeing Environmentally Friendly Wind Farm

The interest in green energy still seems to be at its peak. A large wind farm is in the works to be built in Illinois but once the wind farm[...]

Mississippi Public Official Bond

Members of the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology must obtain larger bonds as a result of new legislation. The bill, which is labeled SB 2766, boosts the minimum surety bond[...]

Minnesota Alcohol Distillery Bond

Some distilleries operating out of Minnesota must abide by new surety bond requirements that were recently put in place. The new law is titled HB 1326 and requires micro-distilleries of[...]

Maryland Debt Settlement Service Provider Bond

Maryland State has added a new law relating to debt settlement service providers. The new law is named SB 741/HB 1022 and requires debt settlement service providers to obtain a[...]

Public Officials Blindly Writing Surety Law

Legislatures in Texas have enacted a new law directly affecting the surety bond industry. When one looks at the changes included in the bill, it’s hard to see what it[...]