Quality Company Financials Can Make Or Break Construction Projects: Part 2

When a surety company is considering a contractor for bonding, they are strict with the owner’s credit but they are even more critical when reviewing the business financials. The quality and presentation of the financials play a big role in regards to a contractor getting strong surety support.

Quality Company Financials Make Or Break Construction Projects: Part 1

Times are tough when it comes to job opportunities. Our economy isn’t in its prime, and with more and more individuals looking for work it makes for a competitive job hunt; it’s no different for construction contractors looking for public construction projects which often require surety bonds. One thing that can put a contractor one step ahead of the competition is to provide professional financials to the surety companies who hold the key when it comes to providing bonds. (more…)

JW Surety Bonds Closed For Memorial Day

JW Surety Bonds will be closing at 12:00 PM EST on 05/27/2011 and will remain closed all of 05/30/2011 for the Memeorial Day holiday. We will reopen on 05/31/2011 at 8:30 AM EST.

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Double Edged Sword Slashes Surety Bond and Construction Industries

There is still a long, winding road of recovery to be traveled for our economy. With the potential of a federal government shutdown, it’s obvious some sacrifices had to be made to keep air in the lungs of the government. Congress was forced to make cuts to various segments of the American economy; however the Construction Industry was hit the hardest and in turn adversely affecting the surety bond sector as well. (more…)

A Hailstorm of Surety Bonds To Protect El Paso, Texas

Good quality work can be hard to find in these modern days; it seems like businesses often cut corners to save money, out of convenience, or just out of pure laziness. The City of El Paso, Texas has had one too many run-ins with unreliable construction contractors and is making changes to put a stop to it.


Did Robert Kennedy Use Surety Bonds to Destroy Jimmy Hoffa?

Nearly thirty-six years after disappearing from a Detroit parking lot, the body of Jimmy Hoffa has yet to be found. While no one, including FBI investigators, has been able to discern what happened to the labor union leader in the last days of his life, what happened in the years leading up to his disappearance is well documented. (more…)