Monthly Archives: May 2011

Quality Company Financials Can Make Or Break Construction Projects: Part 2

When a surety company is considering a contractor for bonding, they are strict with the owner’s credit but they are even more critical when reviewing the business financials. The quality[...]

Quality Company Financials Make Or Break Construction Projects: Part 1

Times are tough when it comes to job opportunities. Our economy isn’t in its prime, and with more and more individuals looking for work it makes for a competitive job[...]

Double Edged Sword Slashes Surety Bond and Construction Industries

There is still a long, winding road of recovery to be traveled for our economy. With the potential of a federal government shutdown, it’s obvious some sacrifices had to be[...]

A Hailstorm of Surety Bonds To Protect El Paso, Texas

Good quality work can be hard to find in these modern days; it seems like businesses often cut corners to save money, out of convenience, or just out of pure[...]

Did Robert Kennedy Use Surety Bonds to Destroy Jimmy Hoffa?

Nearly thirty-six years after disappearing from a Detroit parking lot, the body of Jimmy Hoffa has yet to be found. While no one, including FBI investigators, has been able to[...]