Monthly Archives: April 2011

Wyoming Surety Bond Requirement Changes

In the state of Wyoming, there were a couple changes when it comes to surety bonds in the last few months. The first change concerns circuit court judges and magistrates.[...]

Utah Canceling Hundreds of Public Official Bonds

Utah legislatures seem to be trimming off quite a few surety bond requirements for various state officials. The officials that no longer need bonds to work legally include the treasurer[...]

Nebraska Real Estate Appraisal Bond

Nebraska state legislatures have recently been working on legislation concerning real estate appraisal companies and surety bond requirements. A new law was enacted, named LB 410, which requires real estate[...]

How Performance Bonds Protect You from Perilous Kids (and Contractors)

As we end the month of drizzly April showers, flowers begin to make a reappearance and the dreaded season of lawn mowing begins. Thankfully, young neighborhood kids will seize this[...]

Surety Companies Fear Cumulative Bonds

It often seems individual’s both part of state and federal governments blindly enact guidelines affecting surety bonds with little knowledge on the subject. Some ill-advised changes were made to Indiana[...]

Green Performance Bonds: The Green-Eyed Monster of Eco-Construction

Green construction focuses on building projects that use less energy, water and materials in the structures themselves. The green principles also apply to the construction techniques utilized in erecting a[...]