Monthly Archives: March 2011

Surety Bond Rate Shock, When Low Rates Go Sky High

There are countless clients calling us at JW Surety Bonds who are surprised and even frustrated when they find out how much a bond will cost them. Many of these[...]

How Bid Bonds Keep Government Entities Safe from Bad Business

Whether building roads, bridges, schools or offices, government organizations are one of the largest purveyors of private contracts nationwide. These lucrative contracts are generally handed out to the private firm[...]

Does Hipmunk Need a Seller of Travel Surety Bond?

Up-and-coming visual flight search engine Hipmunk, known for its color-coded Gantt chart approach to finding airfare, does not actually sell the tickets to the flights it sorts so nicely. Rather,[...]

Government Bond Program Bleeding Taxpayer Money

Once again amendments have been presented concerning the government run SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program (SBA Program). Senator Ben Cardin’s (D-MD) staff has been cooperating with SFAA and NASBP in[...]

Historic Chrysler Plant Demolition Protected By Surety Bond

The demolition of structures and buildings always bring about risks. The main risk is the potential damage that can be done to public or private property. Although it is not[...]

Stolen Produce Forces Surety Bond Protection

In the land of the free, there are many honest and hardworking companies trying to get their piece of the American pie. Unfortunately it seems there are many deceptive companies[...]