Monthly Archives: February 2011

Florida Can’t Get Transportation Project On Track

A revolutionary transportation project has recently been in deliberation in the Sunshine State. Florida has had plans to build a high-speed rail running from Tampa to Orlando, but there is[...]

Unpredictable Job Meets Flexible Bond

Construction jobs tend to be costly and often unpredictable. This is why a surety bond is typically required for construction projects, especially when they are substantial undertakings. It has been[...]

Contractor Skates Off Job, Bond Saves A Park

Many skaters in San Marcos, Texas were not pleased when a contractor that was supposed to construct a skate park in the city fled the skeleton of a potential park.[...]

Unfair Or Necessary Changes for Debt Management Companies

The surety companies who write the surety bonds for many to operate a legal business always have to meet some sort of state or federal requirements. These requirements are for[...]

Surety Bonds Going Green

The uses of a surety bond can be quite versatile. The general public usually associate surety bonds with the construction of buildings and various structures; but there are more purposes[...]

Mexican Government In Hot Water Over Broken Bonds

Many custom surety bonds have written on “pointless paper” relating to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and their imports/exports. Allegedly, the Mexican government lost billions of pesos in the past[...]