Monthly Archives: September 2010

Mississippi Money Transmitter Bond

SB 2652 is new legislation that was enacted in the State of Mississippi regarding sellers of checks. The new law alters the quantity of the surety bond required for sellers[...]

Louisiana Child Support Collection Agency Bond

Louisiana State introduced a new law concerning private child support collection agencies. The new law is titled SB 130 and requires private child support collection agencies to acquire a $50,000[...]

Minnesota Consumer Collection Agency Bond

Consumer collection agencies must abide by a new law according to Minnesota State legislation. The new law is named SB 2839 and amplifies the surety bond amount required of consumer[...]

Florida Consumer Debt Collection Agency

The State of Florida presented a new bill relating to consumer debt collection agencies. The new bill, which is referred to as SB 2086, requires consumer debt collection agencies to[...]

Illinois Debt Settlement Provider Bond

HB 4781 is a new bill that was enacted within the State of Illinois which concerns debt settlement providers. The new bill requires debt settlement providers to acquire a $100,000[...]

Kentucky Debt Adjuster Bond

Kentucky State presented a new law relating to debt adjusters. The new law, which is named HB 166, requires debt adjusters to acquire a $25,000 surety bond from a surety[...]