Monthly Archives: August 2010

Missouri Real Estate Appraisal Management Bond

HB 1692 is a new law that was enacted in Missouri State relating to real estate appraisal management companies. The new legislation requires real estate appraisal management companies to acquire[...]

Florida Surety Bond Rate and Form Filing

The State of Florida introduced a new bill concerning specified commercial lines and their rate and form filing procedures. The new bill is named SB 2176 and excuses particular commercial[...]

Arizona Real Property Appraisal Management Bond

The State of Arizona enacted new legislation relating to real property appraisal management companies. The new law, which is referred to as SB 1351, requires real property appraisal management companies[...]

Georgia Worker's Compensation Bond

Self-insured workers’ compensation plans are affected by a new bill in the State of Georgia. The new bill is named HB 1101 and boosts the minimum quantity of the security[...]

North Carolina Pre-Need Funeral Bond

SB 18 is a new law that was introduced in 2009 affecting North Carolina cemeteries; the law repealed the pre-need funeral surety bond. This law originated from the insolvencies of[...]

New Jersey School Board Bond

New Jersey State enacted a new bill relating to local school boards. The new bill is named SB 1287 states that local school boards lacking a treasurer of school funds[...]