Monthly Archives: June 2010

Public Official Bonds

Proceedings of public official surety bonds arrange a variety of contacts with officials. They may volunteer to assist with political campaigns or call on public officials in their offices. The[...]

New Hampshire Groundwater Withdrawal Bond

SB 56 is a new study measure in the State of New Hampshire concerning the Commission to Study Issues Relative to Groundwater Withdrawals. SB 56 directs the Commission to Study[...]

Minnesota Post-Secondary Institution Bond

SB 184 is a new law that was presented in Minnesota State relating to post-secondary institutions. The new law authorizes alternative types of security for the present surety bond required[...]

Tennessee Real Estate Appraisal Management Bond

A new bill was enacted affecting real estate appraisal management companies in the State of Tennessee. The new bill, which is titled HB 3191, requires real estate appraisal management companies[...]