Monthly Archives: May 2010

Washington County Treasurer Bond

SB 5354 is a new Washington State law that was enacted relating to a county public hospital capital facility. The new law directs the county treasurer to serve as the[...]

Washington Mortgage Broker Bond

Mortgage brokers must abide by a new bill that was enacted in Washington State. The new bill, which is labeled HB 1749, addresses mortgage brokers, who are required under present[...]

Texas Carbon Dioxide Well Bond

The State of Texas introduced a new law relating to anthropogenic carbon dioxide. The new law is titled SB 1387 and provides for the injection and geologic storage of anthropogenic[...]

Wyoming Uniform Consumer Credit Code Bond

HB 169 is a new Wyoming State law that concerns any organizations that are licensees under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code. The new law requires all organizations that are licensees[...]

Wisconsin Mortgage Loan Originator Bond

Mortgage loan originators must abide by a new law in the State of Wisconsin. The new law is named SB 62 and is an omnibus spending bill that includes numerous[...]