Monthly Archives: February 2010

Colorado Greenway District Bond

Introduced on January 17th, 2009 was a new law concerning the Greenway District in the state of Colorado. Named SB 141, the new law produces the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood[...]

Arkansas Coal Transportation Bond Update

In the state of Arkansas a new bill was introduced on February 3rd, 2009 affecting existing law concerning vehicles hauling coal. The new bill, titled SB 300, revoked the existing[...]

Hawaii Mortgage Loan Originators Bond

Enacted in Hawaii, a new law is now in place affecting mortgage loan originators within the state. The new law which is labeled SB 1218 integrates the federal definition of[...]

Idaho Boxing Promoters Bond

Promoters of action sports such as boxing have a new law to abide by in the state of Idaho. The new law, named HB 32, authorizes other types of security[...]

Georgia Child Support Collectors Bond

In the state of Georgia, a new law was introduced on 01/28/2009 concerning child support collectors. HB 189 is the new law and it regulates private child support collectors, requiring[...]

Florida Controlling Interest Bond

Any individuals interested in becoming a controlling interest in a health agency must follow a new bill introduced in Florida State. The new bill, named SB 2658, requires applicants and[...]