Monthly Archives: January 2010

Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission Bond

In Arkansas, the Director of Production and Conservation of the Oil and Gas Commission has been affected by a new law concerning bond requirements. The new law which is named[...]

Arkansas Financial Assurance Bond

In the state of Arkansas, a new law was enacted relating to financial assurance. The new law, which is titled HB 1424, demands financial assurance for the shutting down and[...]

Connecticut Debt Adjusters Bond Requirement Update

On 01/30/2009, debt adjusters were impacted by a new bill in Connecticut. Labeled HB 6327, the new law modified the bonding requirements for licensed debt adjusters. With the previous law,[...]

Colorado Power Sports Wholesaler Bond

On 01/07/2009 the state of Colorado introduced a new bill pertaining to power sports wholesalers. Named HB 1026, the new bill requires power sports vehicle wholesalers to abide by the[...]

Arkansas Pest Exterminators Bond Requirement Update

Arkansas pest exterminators must follow a new bond requirement as of July 1st, 2009. The new law, which is labeled HB 1359, amplifies the license bond amount for exterminators of[...]