Monthly Archives: December 2009

Florida Money Transmitter Bond Amendment

In Florida, a new law was enacted relating to money services businesses titled SB 2158. The new law raises the required license bond requirement amount for money transmitters and would[...]

Florida Health Choices Performance Bonds

Introduced on March 6th, 2008, SB 2534 is a new law regarding a health insurance program in the state of Florida. SB 2534 creates the Florida Health Choices, Inc. for[...]

Georgia Manufacturing Gear Sales Tax Bond

On 01/31/2007, a new bill was enacted concerning tax bond requirements in the state of Georgia. The new bill, which is named HB 237, subjects manufacturing gear to the same[...]

Georgia City Officers & Employees Bond

Georgia state law has been altered by a new law which was added concerning city officers and employees. Titled HB 1033, the new law produces a new charter for the[...]

Idaho Loan Originator Bond Abolished

On 02/01/2008, the state of Idaho introduced a new law named HB 450 concerning loan originators. The new law eradicates the surety bond requirement in existing law for the loan[...]