Monthly Archives: September 2009

Pennsylvania Conservation Commission To Handle Surety Bonds

Public officials must now abide by a new law referred to as SB 1020 under Pennsylvania state law. The new law cancels existing law, which explains that the state Conservation[...]

South Dakota Money Transmitter Bond

There is a new law regarding money transmitters in South Dakota titled HB 1009. The previous law required a cash deposit or securities of $100,000, and $5,000 for each extra[...]

Rhode Island Travel Agent Bond Eliminated

The state of Rhode Island has enacted a new law referred to as SB 2067. The new Rhode Island law was introduced on 01/15/2008 and is concerning travel agents within[...]

Rhode Island Appeal Bond Amendment

There is a new law involving appeal bonds classified as SB 2509. The new Rhode Island bill caps the supersedeas bond at $50 million for all appellants together despite the[...]

South Dakota Abstracters of Title Bond Amendment

HB 1008, enacted on 02/12/2008, changes the bond requirement to simplify it for abstracters of title concerning registration in the state of South Dakota. Under the old law, the bond[...]

Connecticut Correspondent Lenders Bond

Effective July 1, 2008, correspondent lenders in Connecticut now follow the same bond requirements as mortgage lenders and brokers, according to the HB 5577 enactment. The bond amount is also[...]