Monthly Archives: February 2009

Changes For Mortgage Broker Bonds & Mortgage Lender Bonds

New state legislation is changing the way many brokers and lenders will conduct future business, as there have been numerous changes in 2008-2009 timeframe which will affect mortgage brokers and[...]

Stimulus Package: Pros & Cons For The Construction Industry

The stimulus package is absolutely gigantic. So much so, I thought I would create a list of pros and cons related to the construction industry pertaining to the bill. Many[...]

Insurance and Surety Concerns For 2009 State Legislatures

Along with many other issues, The 2008 November Presidential election and economy has changed some of the makeup of the state legislative agendas. Like the battle of some in Congress[...]

Considerations when shopping for Surety Bonds

As a consumer of any type of purchase, the first thing that comes to mind for consideration is the final cost of the product. This same methodology rings true when[...]

Stimulus Package Impact On Surety Bond Industry

The Federal government’s stimulus package will no doubt impact the surety industry. Will it mean business as usual for contract bond agents or a boom like we have never seen[...]