Monthly Archives: January 2009

Connecticut Increases Mortgage Bond Requirements

The Connecticut House Bill 5577 increases the mortgage bond requirements in the State of Connecticut by doubling the amount of existing bonds. This Bill became effective on July 1, 2008.[...]

Tips For Creating Surety Bond Requirements

Our agency has been getting contacted by numerous government officials as of recent; state, Federal, military, etc. All of them have questions about how to best handle bonding requirements for[...]

Understanding the Surety Process

The surety underwriting procedure can often be viewed as being an agonizing ordeal for insurance agents as well as applicants needing to obtain bonds. Many times, the entire process can[...]

Understanding Conservative Surety Bond Underwriting

For many years the surety industry has experienced considerable profitability due to the backing of a strong economy and a theoretical zero percent loss ratio business plan. This model for[...]