Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Miller Act & What It Means

The Miller Act is the single most important piece of legislation when it comes to surety bonding. Learn what it was for and what it does to protect the public.

What Are Surety Bonds & How Did They Originate

A surety bond is a legal contract that consists at a minimum of at least three parties. The principle is considered to be the key party who will be performing[...]

Compliance Issues for Electrical Contractors Aiding in the Disaster Recovery Efforts in Texas

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, many out-of-state electrical contractors are traveling into Texas to assist in the disaster recovery efforts. In order to operate in accordance with the law,[...]

Oregon Construction Contractors: Change in Licensing Structure means Change in Bond Requirement

The state of Oregon has changed their contractor license bond requirement for both new and renewal licensees. Learn what changes they made and how it will effect you.

How is the rate for a Mortgage Broker Bond determined?

Mortgage broker surety bond rates can vary drastically, especially with the uncertainty of the current mortgage market. Find out what you should expect when shopping your mortgage broker or mortgage lender bond rates.