Monthly Archives: August 2007

SBA Bond Guarantee Program Changes To Help Contractors Obtain Surety Backing?

The SBA enacted changes as of July 25 to further assist small contractors obtain bonding that wouldn’t otherwise qualify. Have they changed enough to make a difference?

Licensing Woes For New Mortgage Brokers?

Mortgage brokers and lenders have had it easy obtaining surety bonds in recent years. The housing boom brought their industry to an all-time financial high. Their industry is now in a recession and the bonding companies are already changing their policies, which could make life even harder for those in the mortgage industry.

Will The Mike Vick Case Further Hurt Dogs?

Owners of dogs listed as dangerous are often required to obtain additional insurance or surety bonds to guarantee the behavior of the animal. What role will the Michael Vick case play with these guarantees becoming increasingly hard to obtain?

How To Secure A Bond

Qualifying for a bond is a rather involved process. Learn the perspectives of the bonding company for what it takes to qualify for surety bond credit. Also, learn tips to increase your surety bond limits.

Lowered Home Sales = Increased Subdivision Bond Claims?

The housing market slump will clearly effect other parts of the economy. How will it effect the bonding companies that backed developers with subdivision bond guarantees?