Monthly Archives: February 2006

Union Wage & Welfare Bonds: Difficult To Place

Wage and welfare bonds have become harder to place since the end of the “soft market”. However, this particular class of business is still being written, unlike many other financial guarantee bonds.

Saving Money Using Surety Bonds

Letters of credit are often used in place of a surety bond. Learn how a surety bond will increase your liquidity and save you money over a letter of credit.

Surety Bond Categories

Learn about the categories and sub-categories of surety bonds. Each category is for a different type of surety bond guarantee. Knowing the differences in bond categories is a must for anyone who wants to learn the basics of suretyship.

Surety Bond Indemnity Agreements

Indemnity agreements are required by bonding companies throughout the nation. The agreements usually require corporate, personal, and spousal indemnification. The agreements give all of the rights to the bonding company and would scare almost anyone in their right mind. Why would anyone obtain a bond if they have to sign such a one sided document?

Mortgage Broker Bonds: Florida

The Florida mortgage broker bond is a small and easy to obtain bond. The state has set up the proper screening in order to keep claims low for bonding companies and in turn rates low on mortgage broker bonds in Florida.