Monthly Archives: November 2005

Commercial Bonds: Obtain The Lowest Rate (Part 1 of 2)

There is a great range in rates for commercial surety bonds these days. Principals can see premiums range from 1-15% of the amount of the bond. Even a small bond[...]

Thanksgiving Vacation Comes Early For Most Bond Producers

According to several agents and underwriters throughout the country, the majority of bond agencies are hearing their phones ring less and less as we approach Thanksgiving vacation. I can’t quite[...]

Is It Safe To Purchase A Surety Bond Online?

Every day technology is making its way further into our daily lives. Internet sales are increasing globally with every passing year. Many Internet surfers are still wary of making purchases[...]

Are Too Many Credit Inquiries Increasing Your Bond Premium?

Personal credit is not the only factor used for surety bond underwriting. However, red flags on a credit report can make a rate sky rocket or in severe cases cause[...]