The Surety Bond Blog Is Adding Authors

The Surety Bond Blog was originally created to give clients of JW Bond Consultants, Inc. some additional knowledge of the surety industry. We want our clients to feel well informed about suretyship and what it has to offer their company.

The blog has been more successful then we ever imagined. It is now ranked #1 on Yahoo for the search term “surety bond”.

Due to the success of the blog, we are adding addional authors to our member list. Underwriters as well as agents/brokers will be invited to help create our online community of surety.

Currently, we are sending out invitations only to a select number of authors that we feel would make a great contribution to what is already an outstanding success! If you feel you could add useful content you can request membership by emailing: [email protected]

We would like to thank all of our visitors for helping to make this online forum the great success it has become. We would also like to thank any new authors in advance for their contributions to this exciting online community.

-The Surety Bond Blog

The Surety Bond Internet Boom

The amount of Internet users has grown continuously year after year. Web surfers in search of surety bonds are no exception to the constant growth we have seen in recent years.

Most people have never heard of surety bonds. The Internet is the largest source of information on the planet, so it is only natural that principals would be inclined to make use of it. Not only is the Internet the largest source of information, but it is also easily searched with modern day search engines. In fact, 95% of our new clients find us online, an unimaginable number only a couple years back.

There are several other factors that go into principals searching for surety bonds online. For one, people in general are becoming more comfortable with making purchases and finding new business partners online. JW Bond Consultants, Inc. has been receiving a large portion of all surety bond applications.

We receive such a large portion of online applications due to the fact that our site has excellent rankings for all major search engines. This means that the search engines found our site to be most relevant/popular for any given search phrase. The rankings do not happen by chance, they are complicated algorithms developed by large corporations that are only in business to bring you what you are looking for. So if you found us by search engine (most clients do these days), you can be assured we are no fly by night company, but a technologically sound agency that has been doing business online for years and years.